What is Immune System Syndrome?

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The primary role of any biological defense mechanism is to create a barrier against invading microorganisms or foreign objects. In the case of humans, the primary defensive mechanism is the creation of white blood cells ( lymphocytes) that engulf any invading or harmful material. In biology, protection is the ability of multicellularorganisms to withstand harmful microorganisms. Protection involves both specific and non-specific components. The nonspecial components act as potent barriers or eliminator of all sorts of pathogenic organisms regardless of their anatomical make-up.

The role of the Immune System in dealing with infections is to produce and release chemicals called cytokines which help the body to fight infections internally and externally. However, certain natural barriers may hinder the natural functions of the immune response and reduce its effectiveness. Examples of such a natural barrier could be bacteria, yeasts or fungi. In situations when the immune response cannot fight against foreign invaders, the chances of infections increases dramatically.

When the immune cells fail to recognize the pathogens, the body attacks the individual cells of the body without prior notice. Such autoimmune disorders are commonly referred to as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Imune is produced by the body in response to the invasion of bacteria, yeasts or fungi. Imune is one of the major risk factors for SLE.

When the Immune System is compromised due to a variety of reasons including drugs, infection, trauma or chronic illness, it is important to address the underlying deficiencies that lead to an compromised immunity. There are two major approaches to enhancing the immunity of the body; One is the use of pharmaceutical products and the other is through healthy diet and supplementation. Pharmaceutical products include: drugs, hormonal supplements, vaccines, hormonal agonists, immune stimulants, antioxidants, cell-support molecules and cell detoxification agents. Healthy diet and supplementation include: vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, enzymes, probiotics, dietary proteins, herbs and spices.